DIY Romantic Wedding Decor

For those crafty ones and inspired artist out there, here are some simple ideas for you to do your own wedding decor. Using simple and beautiful materials like ball jars, acrylic paintings and acrylic spray, lace, twine, shaped wood, candy, candles, printable paperie, and more. Get creative, get inspired and spend less. I used a great site called ‘Wedding Chicks’ and they will let you print for free the invitations, monograms, table numbers, invites for the brides maids, and lots more. And the fun part is that you can customize your own colors depending on your wedding theme. I fully recommend you to give it a try. It’s a lovely site full of amazing designs and is all free!!! You can get everything else at your local crafty store. And most importantly, when you DIY, your love is the principal signature to everything you make and create. Good Luck on your special day, mine was unforgetable, like the Sinatra song!!! xx









_MG_1666_MG_1664_MG_1650_MG_1662_MG_1661WEdding Decor_MG_1667

Photos by Juan Manuel Restrepo

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