My Daily Beauty Essentials!

I wanted to share my beauty secrets with you guys. I usually don’t wear lots of make up because I like it to keep it fresh and natural. I use a few products that make my skin look at its best without having to use too much. Normally I don’t wear a foundation on a daily basis because my skin doesn’t need it, but I like to wear underneath my eyes a brightening camouflage or corrector from Benefit, it’s called erase paste. I use the N. 1 fair. It’s magical and erases almost anything. After that I usually apply Magic Lumi from L’ORÉAL, it’s a light infusing primer and it gives you a touch of shimmering or a luminous effect. For my eyes I love to apply a very cool and super easy cream eyeshadow called Creaseless Cream Shadow from Benefit as well, the color tone that I use is called RSVP and it’s super natural almost like sand color. Benefit cosmetics is my ultimate favorite brand, you can find more info at
For my cheeks I use the ‘Dainty’ Mineralize Blush from MAC it’s a gorgeous color between peach and pale pink with hints of golden tones. To apply my blush I use a special brush from Sonia Khun.
And for my lips, I apply first a Prep + Prime from MAC which gives moisture to the lips and a long lasting effect after that I apply a MAC lipstick called ‘Hue’. I finalize my beauty routine by splashing the most delish perfume ever: Miss Dior! There you have it, a simple but beautiful way to do your daily makeup routine. xx









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