Snowing in Atlanta!

No one was expecting three or more inches of snow and that for sure caused a lot of chaos. People had to abandon their cars and walk miles and miles to get home or to get to the Nearest shelter. The southern capital of Atlanta collapsed. I have never seen something like this. A whole city paralyzed, captured by the inclement weather. It was a wake up call for me to learn to be more prepared to this kind of emergency situations. Luckily I made it home and I had the opportunity to enjoy the weather. It was very pretty. The roofs covered in this white carpet and the trees dipped in the melting snow. I was happy to see the snow but it was also bitter sweet because I had some of my family and friends stranded in the inclement weather. Trapped with no food or gas. Hopefully the city of Atlanta would be better prepared for next years. And our fellows from the north can have also a bit more compassion because it was no joke what happened here. Hopefully everyone is safe and we all learn from this experience!!!






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