Bohemian Vibes with Orchids and Spice!

I’m absolutely in love with my gorgeous ‘Olvine Playsuit’  from online store This store carries  really fun, and unique pieces, it has a mix of boho vibes and retro style. The playsuit that I am wearing has a soft fabric and flows nicely with the summer breeze. Also, I am into a lot of basic and neutral colors right now, so this piece is perfect because it captures exactly the kind of clothing I usually go for.

Pulling this pretty playsuit was easy, I just added my fave wool felt hat, hemp wedges from Sam Edelman, and round sunnies from Vintage Clothing. I am carrying an Arhuacan Mochila, made by the Arhuacans,  Colombian Indigenous. My silver dachshund necklace is from a local jewelry designer @elaurastore.

I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit, it was a gorgeous day! Enjoy. Xx.

DSC_0403DSC_0385DSC_0384Orchids and Spice RomperOrchids and Spice Shoot

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70’s Take me Back

Mood of the day: There’s nothing wrong with having fun while working!
With this outfit I felt free and happy! It was fun and perfect to wear to a music fest. I felt I was in the 70’s with these pants, I loved them.
The pants and top are from and you can get a 20% discount using the code: newbie.
Enjoy life and smile! Happiness is within you!!! Xx.


Pink Pastel Hair

Last year around this time, I colored my hair pink. This year I want to go for something different as well, I have my thoughts on a baby blue or maybe blonder, or maybe pastel purple?.
I don’t know, all I know is that when I want to change my hair, is because there’s also change happening to me, so is a way of expressing those changes. Here are some photos of my pastel pink hair. My hair colorist dyed my hair blonde and then applied crazy color the name is ‘ Cotton Candy’. The good thing about crazy color is that is made of vegetable ink so it doesn’t damage or permanently dyes your hair. Whenever you are ready to go back to your hair color it would be easy and simple.




Artsy Louis Vuitton Bag!

As a painter having the pleasure to put your hands on a Louis Vuitton Bag and create art with it is amazing. I got to combine two of my favorite things in life: Art & Fashion.
I had this bag for a long time before I was able to put my hands on it. I was hesitant, I didn’t wanted to ruin it, or even worse, I didn’t know if the owner of the bag, my client, was going to love it. But I set my mind, and my creativity started to flow. I wanted something bold and beautiful, edgy and sexy at the same time.
So I started walking around my house, to get inspired by things, obejects and stuff, when I saw the Rolling Stones Book, and rambled thru the pages. The ‘Licks’ Tour caught my eye. And well, hello to the new LV bag ‘Licks’ by IndiGa leyiAh.