Backyard Delight

I came across this cool spot on Decatur, Ga. It is a very old antique shop with a very cool backyard. The shops offer all kinds of antiques and old finds. For those who love antiques like me, this spot is worth seeing. Located between the Dekalb's Farmers Market and the Anthony's Pizza if you... Continue Reading →

Denim, Stripes & Leather

Atlanta has beautiful places, it is a modern city with hints of old architecture and lots of nature and great food. I love to explore the city every time I get a chance; Walking thru its streets is defenetly a pleasure. Here I am, wearing a striped top with leather sleeves from JCrew, denim jeans... Continue Reading →

Boyfriend Jeans

I totally love boyfriend jeans but i was not lucky when it came to find the great match until now! I found the most adorable pair, already with an old finish kinda look, and the perfect length and size. This pair is from Gap, but I got this babies at my fave consignment store, Alexis... Continue Reading →

Summer Vibes!

These past days have been fantastic and warm. I love summer days. Is a lot of fun when the temperature rises and we have lovely weather. Don't get me wrong, I do love winter and I enjoy the winter fashion, but this winter has been pretty intense, and a glimpse of summer is refreshing and... Continue Reading →

Pastels & Denim

I love to wear colorful clothes. specially in the winter to feel more alive. I think is really nice to give a pop of color to these cold days. A pop of color will do exactly that, without being too flashy. Specially in the winter where everybody likes to wear black and white. I wore... Continue Reading →

Stripes, Leopard & Suede

For a casual Saturday I opted for a relaxed look! This pair of shorts I made them myself by cutting an old pair of boyfriend Levi's jeans, and leaving the pockets as they were. I combined them with a striped black and brown top from Forever21. Mixing prints is super inn right now, so I... Continue Reading →

Black & Denim

This is a vintage shirt that I use as a jacket because it is oversized and gives a relaxed look for a sunny afternoon. Underneath I have a little black dress mixed with a long sleeve black sheer shirt, heart shaped glasses which add cuteness to the outfit, and some Vince Camuto booties. I used... Continue Reading →

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