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A Passion for Fashion, Design, Consignment & Marketing

A Passion for Fashion, Design, Consignment & Marketing

How on earth did I get here? How on earth do all these topics relate to each other? Hard work and believing in myself got me here and yes these topics relate to each other in immense ways. You see, to design a website not only do you need to know the techie part of it, and have design esthetics, but if you are inclined and specialized in retail and fashion sites, you have to love fashion, know your brands, and understand how they are all interconnected. 

My passion for all these topics was unclear and I didn't know how I could put all of them to work on my favor; But over these years I've worked relentlessly in all of them. Now I can say I specialize in designing websites that I love because they are fashion websites, in the consignment industry which I adore, and I can apply all my artistic side to them in endless ways. 

I began this journey in 2012, after being a community manager back in 2010 for a lingerie brand in Colombia called I understood the importance of building meaningful relationships with online audiences and after I left this job and moved back to the States, I wanted more of that meaningful connection in a more personal way. So, I started a fashion blog and it lead me to my first job in the consignment business. I already knew about fashion, and I had graduated in Journalism, so for me writing about the brands I saw daily in the consignment store, and feeding my blog, was almost a natural thing to do. 

My passion became my work, and I started to show interest in how we could showcase all these amazing brands, and sell them online. The e-commerce crazy ride was about to start. In 2014 I built my first online store on Shopify for the store I worked for and we went into a path of hard work and success. Combining several e-commerce strategy channels like Shopify, eBay, Tradesy and FarFetch, we managed to make a very good profit. I moved on to the retail world and worked with the High End Sneaker-head community managing the e-commerce area of that also combined website and FarFetch e-commerce practices. 

My creative passion has always pushed me to discover and try new things. I had success building my first Shopify website with Alexis Suitcase Consignment, so I decided it was time to become a full-time designer and apply all my knowledge and continue learning along the way. As I am writing this today and looking at this year, I realize how fortunate and happy I am to be able to do what I love. I've built more than 20 websites this year and all I have is gratitude and I am eager to continue growing, learning and building rockstar websites for my magical clients.



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