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Shopify Website Design - VC Creative

Shopify Website Design

These are some of the technical steps that involve the scope of the design process:
  • - Ten (10) fully branded web pages including typography, colors, and imagery
    - eCommerce shop set up and designed for five (5) products
    - Custom CSS features to enhance the design
    - Contact and newsletter form design
    - Branded informational footer design
    - Creative Design ( theme style, imagery, typography, colors, placeholders, social media, favicon, animations, cart, checkout style)
    - Menu and Shopping Design (Collections and Product, Integration to Navigation - Liberty) Client schedules appointment for integration with RW.
    - Full connection with 3rd party accounts: Constant Contact or Mailchimp.
    The period time for the development of the website is 6-8 weeks.
    - Domain Connection
    - Launching of the website (Home page Title, Social Media Image, Google Analytics & More)
    Site Mapping and Google Verification in Google Search Console

Also, VC Creative Studio is a proud member of NARTS.

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